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Couples Counseling Therapy: Three Signs You Should Call For An Appointment

Have you ever wondered if you need to start couples counseling therapy? In our line of work, we see couples who sometimes need help to make a choice.


1) Do you have the same argument every day? One day, your home is filled with intense yelling and screaming. The next day, your home is a battlefield of silence so deafening you can cut the tension with a knife?


That is a tell-tale sign you both need to seek therapy right away.


2) Your marriage has gone from hot nights filled with insatiable sex to living in silence. You feel like you are just roommates passing in the night.


3) One or both people have admitted to having a long-term affair or using online porn to make up for what they are not getting in their marriage. That is a sign you need to see a professional and see if you can save your marriage.



Addictions Counseling: Three Signs You Need Help Now


1) The person has intense cravings. They will go to any length to fulfill those cravings. That is one sign you or someone you love needs addiction counseling.



2) The person has become engaged in unhealthy activities. That can include everything from lying and stealing to having unsafe sex at any given moment.


Those addicted to drugs, alcohol, or both will have this above-average need to satisfy their sexual urges. Some even start to develop signs of sexual addiction if they are not careful.


3) Some will drain their bank accounts without any remorse. Some will forgo their bills to get that fix. You need to ask for help if you know someone who is starting to spend unusual amounts of money to get their fix.

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