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LGBTQ Counseling: Reasons To Seek Professional Help

Speaking as a proud supporter of the LGBT community, we believe that no one should face discrimination. That is not the way our world works, unfortunately.


Straight people can be attracted (for the wrong reasons)about it. They may be interested in your sex life. They have this misguided notion that we are going through a "phase." It is not a phase.


You might need help to explain and deal with this, mainly if you come from a family that is dead-set on you living a straight life.


That can be challenging handling. LGBTQ counseling gives you the tools to help to communicate with your family, friends, and anyone else who might not accept you 100%- for whatever reason. You cannot go through that alone. It helps to talk to someone.


LGBTQ Friendly Therapist: The Tools You Need


You need someone who understands the issues that face the gay community. They do not have to be gay themselves( though we consider that a plus. They have to have the proper experience and training to guide you.


Your LGBTQ friendly therapist should also know about more than just sexual orientation. He or she needs to understand the stages and the issues involved with coming out.


The person should also have more than a basic understanding of HIV/AIDS and internalized homophobia. Many people deal with internalized homophobia. They have no idea what it is or why they feel it. I went through it before and briefly after I came out when I was younger.


I managed to survive the initial period after I came out as a proud member of the gay community. Not everyone is that lucky. You might be someone who needs help. I also encourage you to stay away from those who claim to cure being gay. I dealt with a few of those too. You need to talk to someone safe, not discriminate.

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