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Services Offered 

Individual Counseling 

We begin with a 90 minute comprehensive biopsychosocial evaluation. Using a holistic approach, I work to relieve the most pressing issues first. Then, we address the ares of life where change can have huge impacts on ongoing stress reduction and increased happiness. I teach ways to “re-frame” thoughts (CBT or REBT) and provide you with valuable life tools,including mindfulness techniques, to cope with life’s obstacles. We work to solve current problems as well as change unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviors that get in the way of your goals. 

Relationship Counseling

Relationships are constantly evolving and we must have effective and compassionate communication skills to survive and grow from the impact of these changes. I use a solution-focused approach to help you move away from pain and into healing. I teach you very quickly how to communicate at a deeper level by expanding your vocabulary around your thoughts and feelings. 

Post Substance Use Treatment and Continuing Care 
I continue the deep therapeutic work that must happen to maintain long-term sobriety after individuals have completed more intensive levels of substance use treatment as needed. When available I work with the original treatment team, follow the discharge plan, and create long term goals related to your sobriety. We address the underlying clinical issues needed to ensure long term sobriety can be reached.
My Approach

My Approach

Growing up in the South and Midwestern parts of the United States, I quickly learned how men were "supposed" to behave, talk, and communicate. I have not often found these ways to be helpful in my relationships with others. Quite the opposite, in fact. I have since learned more effective tools to identify, express and communicate my emotions to others in healthy, effective, and productive ways.


I fell in love with psychology, the study of the human mind and human behaviors. I found myself reading and researching what contributes to addictive behaviors, what strengthens relationships with others, and what keeps us disconnected from each other and ourselves.


Over our lifetime, most of us have created constructs (narratives or stories we tell ourselves) about how the world works. We tend to move through life as though these constructs are true in all circumstances. Sometimes these constructs can be helpful but often they become overly rigid or too loose. I work in solution-focused ways, always validating your emotional, physical, and mental experiences while keeping you focused in the reality of the situation. Together we test out your narratives about your world and either build on these ideas or deconstruct them and rebuild new ways of thinking and approaching the problems and relationships in your life. 

We are social creatures and yes we must be in relationship with each other. This is the human condition. Knowing how to navigate relationships is one of the skills I will help you develop. All of us want to feel we belong. Shame and criticism keeps us disconnected. I do not use language that keeps you stuck or in pain. I challenge those unhelpful and unhealthy narratives keeping you stuck and work to find evidence for alternatives ways to think about your roles and life experiences. These new narratives will help lead you to greater happiness a better sense of self. 


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